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Terms & Conditions

  1. Term

Work shall not commence until a contract is signed along with these terms and conditions. If the work takes place prior to signing, the client has given implied consent to these terms, making it legally binding.

There are different terms of employment, either indefinite, or payment made once the services have been complete, each contract is distinct.

The contractor has the right to amend initial, first quotations if upon consideration, the requirement is altered. Unless agreed otherwise, the term of work will only be provided at the specified contracted hours, if the amount of time differs an adjustment to the price will be necessary. The contractor will provide an invoice for any additional hours.

  1. Services

The contractor shall provide services to the client according to the arrangement made between client and contractor. Standards of services provided will be based on the client. Services will be provided on the agreed commencement date. Timescale of services will be given to the client prior to commencement.

The contractor is expected to comply with reasonable customer requests. If work is not to standard, the client may; with sufficient notice given may request the contractor to replace the cleaner.

Termination of the contract may be permitted if services are not met to the sufficient standard promised by the contractor.

The services provided will be of preformed following the specification of the client. The services provided will be done in a proper and professional manner taking in consideration for the area.

The company will provide uniformed and proficient workpeople of good nature, the work person is required to be suitable for the type of work they are required to carry out.

If any additional cleaning services are asked for or provided, such as ironing, interior cleaning, window cleaning, cleaning of the ovens etc, must be requested and additional fees will be incurred.

  1. Customer Premises

Party has given consent for the work to be carried out at the named premises. There shall be safe access and exits provided for the contractor.

The client is required to arrange any instructions which may be needed to best operate and clean the premises.

  1. Customer obligations: 

The client; free of charge, must provide access to basic utilities. All necessary light, hot water and other facilities which are reasonably expected to be required to best enable full services to be completed by the company.

The client is required to provide a safe and non-hostile work environment at all times for the representative of the company. The contractor is not expected to lift heavy furniture, or work at heights which may amount to risk. No corrosive or non-abrasive chemicals shall be kept where they can become harmful to the contractor.

The client MUST settle any outstanding accounts with the company upon competition of the services.

  1. Charges: 

Any charges invoiced are either exclusive or inclusive of VAT, depending on what is stated and agreed on the invoice. VAT will be added and submitted; the charges shall be made within maximum 30 day period.

If payment is not made within the required date, the contractor will be entitled to;

  • charge interest on the balance, incurring the appropriate lending rate at the given time, plus a profit for the company.

  • Any services are not yet completed there may be a requirement for an advance payment.

Charges will be paid to the contractor once an invoice is issued. If invoices are outstanding for more than 15 days, there will be a £30 late payment, as defined by the Commercial Debt Act. If after the 15 days, the balance is still not cleared then an additional £5 a day charge will remain to be invoiced until the balance is cleared.

If the client misses the appointment, with no given written cancellation request, and the cleaner is on the premises, the contractor reserves the right to levy up to 80% of the charge for the clean. This is also covered in case of Client neglecting to give access to the contractor.

  1. Payments: 

All invoices will be issued directly to the client. Invoices will be based on the numbers of hours worked, and no other basis. Invoices will be made in accordance with the hours agreed prior to commencement of services.

Payment methods will be made directly to the contractor, either by direct debit or a direct bank transfer, cash accepted if agreed by the client and the contractor. If any late payments are made, the client will incur a 15% additional charge on any late payments.

The contractor has the right to reconsider their charges at any given time to best represent business costs, 15 days’ notice of any charge shall be given.

  1. Cancellation right: 

Clients reserve the right to cancel or postpone a scheduled visit. There must be 48 hours advanced notice prior to the appointment. Notice shall be given by telephone and confirmed in a form of writing whether by email, post, or hand delivery.

If the agreed term of services extends to over eight weeks, then a four week notice period is required, the contractor reserves the right to levy 100% of the charges, along with a cancellation fee of £50.

  1. Warranties: 

Reasonable skill, and care is promised in the performance of the services to the standard which is generally accepted amongst the industry.

The client agrees to warrant the contractor to be harmless in the events of any claims or losses which may be suffered by either employees or third parties, including events which occur through omission.

Each party agrees that upon entering the agreement, no warranty or provision can be implied by the client. This agreement does not exclude any liablity for fraud.

  1. Limitations and exclusions of liability

Liability is limited only to events where there is death, or personal injury caused by negligence during the performance of the services. The company rejects any liability for events of force majeure, or loss of profits or revenue.

The company reserves the right to limit liability in the event of loss of opportunity or loss of profits.

  1. Force Majeure Event

Both the party and the contract have no liability or be considered to be in breach of the agreement for any delays in weather, delays or failures in performance, unforeseen third party events which are beyond the control of the party, including acts of God neither, or events caused by additional health and safety requirements or events which make the contract more onerous both in value and performance.

  1. Termination

This agreement will commence on the agreed date and is expected to last for the last term agreed on the contract, unless the contractor has either agreed to extend, or the contract is terminated.

Termination of the contract can be done by either party, at any time, written notice is required to be given by the party requesting the termination. If the reason for termination can be resolved by an alternative agreement such as to remedy any breach within 21 days, then party may revoke the request of termination.

Termination of the contract will not amount to discharge of any already accrued rights of the contractor, termination upon insolvency still requires a payment method set out which the contractor must agree to. With written notice, any sum which is due from the client shall be given within 30 days.

Termination without any cause required no less than 30 days’ notice before the last day of agreed contract.

  1. Notices: 

Notices are only valid if completed in written form. Notices are deemed to be accepted upon receipt and acknowledgement of the contractor.

Notices by email, are deemed to be effective upon deemed receipt. Notices by mail shall be done by first class signed for, to ensure the contractor has received the notice.

  1. Subcontracting: 

No subcontracting agreed will be deemed to have been entered without the consent of the contractor.

  1. General: 

After any termination, the client shall not employ or engage in any contact with any person who has been in employment with the company either directly or indirectly.

Complaints are required to be in written form, if client accepts that if they have experienced poor service must be reported within 12 hours from the service date. Any delay in a report of a compliant will not entitle any refunds or any extra cleaning services.

These terms and conditions are governed and shall further be interpreted in accordance with the laws of England. English courts hold exclusive jurisdiction.

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